the factory

Dubido is a factory for the production of customized stuffed animals. In our factory, you can make your dream teddy from start to finish. You will have exciting, fun, and magical experiences during the process, giving you a special connection to your personally designed doll. 

Choose a Dubido

The excitement begins! At this point you will choose the animal that you are going to create, design and connect with during your process at the factory. You can choose the teddy you like best from a variety of animals, colors and styles.

Filling in the 'clouds'

Now is the time to attach your new teddy to a cloud machine that will stuff it to make it look fluffy and beautiful. You will decide how full you want the bear to be - the process is entirely tailored to your satisfaction.

Bringing life

It's time for the most exciting step in the process - bringing your stuffed animal to life. After fluffing your bear to perfection, you will receive a magical heart pillow called the pillow of life. At this stage, our team at Dubido will lead you and your new furry friend through a very special ceremony. Instructions will involve asking for a wish, an exchange of love, and at the end of the miraculous ceremony, you will breathe life into your teddy. You will have the option to add a Dubido beating heart, and every time you hug your Dubido, you will feel their heart thumping against you.

Accessories and styling

This step is not mandatory, but adds a lot of character to the teddy of your choosing. You can pick from a wide variety of accessories and costumes that best suit your bear. Our outlet includes a wedding dress, groom's suit, ballerina skirt, glasses and more items to make your new furry friend stand out!

Hooray, your furry friend is ready!

Now it's time to register him, or her, in Dubido's special population registry. With us every teddy has a life of its own and is part of a large family and community. When you have finished registering your teddy you will be ready to take your new friend home, along with their very own birth certificate.

A few more details:

🐾 Dubido is an Israeli brand

🐾 The dolls sold at Dubido are imported from Scandinavia and have passed the  most stringent tests of the Standards Institute, and have been approved for use from ages 0+

🐾 Life-long warranty! As long as the product is returned reasonably used

🐾 All products in Dubido’s factory have a blue and white label 🇮🇱

🐾 At Dubido, before you buy a doll, you get an experience. So, we have adapted the production and selection process to be tailored just for you, whether in a factory, at the mall, or by website!

🐾 Dubido is always here for you – before and after your purchase. I’ll always be happy to hear from you and help you in any way I can!

Try me! 😊 Telephone 073-3744467 / WhatsApp message  050-4646506