our family

The Dubido family is composed of a wide variety of unique and magical animals. Come and meet your future fluffy pet!


Everybody knows that a puppy is known as man’s best friend. Dubido’s puppies are guaranteed to give you unconditional love, and celebrate with joy every time you come back home!


Dubido’s unicorns come straight from magical stories and fairytales. Their prominent attributes are beauty, uniqueness, and the ability to make dreams come true.

hearty teddy bear

Our hearty teddy bears know how to keep a secret. They listen, love, and are very thoughtful and philosophical. Keep them close to your heart, and enjoy the comfort of a good, trustworthy friend. (Color variety available)


Our classic teddy bear is a true friend. Dubido’s hugs have the magic to warm any heart and cure any pain.


Dubido’s pandas came to us from far-away China, and on every opportunity, everyone admires their beauty. Our pandas are very shy, unless there is food around them, whereas they immediately burst out of their shell.

baby elephant

Our baby elephants come to us directly from Africa. They have a long trunk and big ears, and with them, you can always share stories and secrets.


Dubido’s giraffes are orange, tall, and impressive. They can reach anything, have great figures, and are always in style.


Dubido’s leopards came to us from the feline family, and they are gorgeous, as well as strategic. The leopards are known for their agility, and when they have a target, they will not wait to work towards achieving it.


Our monkeys are bouncy, energetic, full of life, and their greatest happiness is climbing trees. Around him, everyone is always laughing, and he is a great friend to all who spend time with him.


The raccoon is a voracious and sweet animal, who comes alive in the night and rests during the day. The raccoon has a developed sense of touch so he will always be happy to be pet.

600-600_0013_2524 Cow (16) 1


Dubido’s cows are very protective and wrap everyone around them. They have a huge heart and are very giving. Our cows are known for their sensitivity and warmth, and being around them instills a lot of serenity.


Our rabbits are suitable for both home and nature, and they eat carrots on a regular basis. They are small and white and like to squeak a lot. They are also surprisingly fast. It has been told, that in the blink of an eye, they can finish an entire marathon.


Dubido’s sheep have wool that can warm hearts, and when they baa, it wakes up all the animals. They are pleasant and talkative, and that is what makes them so graceful.

siberian husky

Our huskies come straight from the cold land of Siberia. Huskies are diligent, hard working working dogs, and when it's time to report for duty, they never have excuses. Their beautiful eyes excite everyone, and despite the cold from which they come, their hearts are very warm.

baby dalmation

Dubido’s sweet and playful Dalmatian puppies love to wag their tail all the time. They will accompany you in every moment and will always bring you joy and give you plenty of hugs.


The koala bear is the hugs champion. After all, they are known for embracing branches and trees. The beloved gray marsupial will induce a sea of calm and serenity to everyone around them.

brown rabbit

Our brown rabbits are soft and great lovers of petting and cuddling. They run long distances and stay fit, and fill everyone’s hearts with lots of happiness.


Dubido’s Dalmatians are a perfect addition to any family. With a captivating look and sociable nature, they will turn everyday into a fun adventure.


The curious Chihuahua is a really loyal puppy. Every morning they will wake you up just in time. They are strong and brave, and when you come home, they will peek out from the window.


With a great resemblance to its friend the horse, the generous donkey will hug everyone - the bear, the ant, and even the ferret. Their long, upright ears are ready to hear all your thoughts and secrets, as often as you need.


With a long snout and a wonderfully furry tail, the handsome fox will entertain your time and give anyone who demands hours and hours of jokes and riddles.


Dubido hippos are big and plump, but their best features is that they’re just like any regular guy! They spend most of their time by the lake and are very popular in social gatherings.


Dubido’s pink flamingos, with their long necks and legs, are a real gem in any room. A friendly and sweet bird that you always want to have around.


Our black and white striped zebras are always secretly preying on chocolate and marzipan. It's time to begin the carnivals - guaranteed to have lots of parties together.

desert leopard

It is hard not to fall in love with Dubido’s desert leopards, and their feline traits and black spots.


golden retriever

Dubido Golden retrievers are loyal, brave, and beloved dogs, who are independent, and always return when they go out to play. They love to help, are friendly to everyone, and will make every moment picture perfect.

good heart bear

Gold Heart as his second name, a good heart bear will love you the most. Has a huge and wide heart, and for him - you are the star.


Our owls are white with big eyes, and will watch over you and protect you unconditionally. During the day they sleep, at night they are awake, but at all times they are on guard ready to keep you safe.


Dubido dove back in time to bring our very special dinos to the factory. They are prehistoric animals with a long background, and plenty of tales. They are sweet, kind, and love to devour chicken nuggets and pasta. It’s their favorite.

shimmering unicorn

Rare and special, and one of a kind. A unicorn that shimmers and shines, just like in fairy tales.

And now that you have met all of Dubido’s animals, it's time to create your new special family member. In our factory, you can create the teddy that most precisely expresses you, then bring it home to make it part of your life and family!