Celebrating an unforgettable event with Dubido!

A magical and unique operation in which we bring Dubido factory to you for the day – Have your own custom doll factory, without going anywhere!

During the event, each of the participants will create the Dubido of their dreams: choose their ideal animal, fill it with the cloud machine, give it a heart, issue it a birth certificate, personalize it with an accessory or costume, and design its very own crib.

At every session, our factory team will come to assist you: our very own expert in fulfilling dreams, and with him/her, an event manager, who will make sure that everything goes by the book and everyone is satisfied! 

Birthday sessions can be held as well as company events, kindergarten events, and school events. 

All events are held according to the Ministry of health’s purple label guidelines. 

Waiting to meet! 



Photos of our perfect DubiDo events!

Do you want Dubido to come and celebrate at your event?

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